Security Agencies

Security Agency Activities of security agencies is based on obtaining precise information letting predict development of an event or react to any emergency situation in maximum short terms.

Supplying the security object with the tracking devices agencies can increase in the efficiency of their work. Not only can the security objects be provided with the trackers but also the guards and their transport. In this case dispatcher unit will be able to make operative decisions on the routes and control the location of security members.

If an object is lost “Geostron” system will help quickly find it and take necessary measures, moreover – organize the process properly and not let such situations happen. Security employees working on far sites will be able to give an emergency signal pressing only one button and the dispatcher knowing the correct coordinates of mobile emergency units, will make the right decision and send help to the site. It is also possible to call up the tracker and hear the surroundings. the tracker receives the call unnoticeably for the people around. This will help you be ware if what is happening on the scene.

Using the “Geostron” system in work will help you obtain profitable competitive advantages and provide your clients with more efficient service.